Wednesday, May 17, 2006


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Widowed pensioner jailed over taxes.

A PENSIONER has been sent to prison for more than three weeks for failing to pay his council tax.His daughter says the first she knew of her father’s plight was when staff at the magistrates court rang her to say what had happened.George Frost, who will be 75 next month and lives at Beaufoy Road, Dover, went to the court on Monday, apparently thinking he owed just £120, and he would be able to pay it off at a small amount per week.In fact, he found he owed £991.41, and he was sent to prison for 23 days.His daughter Alexis McCann said: "He hadn’t mentioned anything about it to me or my brother, who lives with him. The first I knew was the phone call from the court."Then I had a call from the prison on Tuesday asking if there was any way I could pay. They said as soon as it was paid they would let him out. But I can’t afford that amount of money."Mr Frost is a widower, his wife having died 11 years ago.A council spokesman said: "The council uses the courts as a last resort in its collection of Council Tax and Business Rates."

George Frost has been sentenced to 23 days in prison

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